• New Store Opening Support Professional Team Housekeeper
  • Looking forward to cooperating with you
  • Standardized Design of 0 Yuan

    Standardized Design of Five-Dimensional Terminal Store

  • Zero Starting Point New Business Training

    The characteristics of Hepai Mumen Business School with a per capita value of 2000 yuan.

  • Store support

    Thematic training course covers all key links of wood door operation.

  • Multi-Channel Advertising Presentation

    Free promotion of gifts, outdoor walls, public transport and other advertising.

  • Opening Ceremony Support

    Provide professional all-round marketing promotion program, and dispatch promotion team for strict supervision of the opening, to ensure that the opening promotion bills more than 30 sheets.

  • Profit guarantee

    The gross profit of the product is maintained above 30%, and the cost recovery is realized in 6 - 12 months. Sales are classified back-to-back, with project orders supporting up to 5%.

Franchise Conditions
  • 1. Love the household industry, have experience in building materials or furniture-related industries is preferred.

  • 2. Highly identify with Hepai Mumen brand management concept.

  • 3. Store area of more than 200 square meters is preferred.

  • 4. Monopoly stores must design and decorate according to the unified regulations of joint-stock wooden doors. They are exclusive in joint-stock wooden doors and may not operate similar products of other enterprises.

  • 5. Payment of cooperation intention payment.

  • 6. Deploy relevant personnel according to regulations, and receive regular training and assessment.

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